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13. september 2006 at 20:14
Dávám vámtady zatím jenom seznam takové menší knížky, kterou sem postupem času snad hodím celou. Snad se vám to bude líbit, ale je to bohužel anglicky, takže uvažte sami, jestli to zvladnete...

On the One Hundredth anniversary
of the Nativity of the Poet
Ad Meiomrum Cthulhi Gloriam
THE EDITOR would like to thank all of the people whose cooperation and dedication to unspeakable horrors has made this book possible. First, our thanks go to that nameless monk who presented us with the originals., who has since disappeared. Second, to that ever-changing staff of translators who performed a most distasteful and oft'times unsatisfying task: to Ms. I. Celms, Ms. N. Papaspyrou, Mr. Peter Levenda, Mr. X. and Mr. Y. Third, to Ms. J. McNally, whose thorough knowledge and understanding of Craft folklore aided the Editor in assuming a proper perspective towards this Work. Fourth, to Mr. J. Birnbaum who aided in some of the preliminary practical research concerning the powers of the Book, and its dangers. Fifth, to Mr. L. K. Barnes, who dared to tempt the awesome wrath of the Ancient Ones, rising unspeakable eldritch horrors, in supporting the publication of this arcane treatise. Sixth, to all those patient Pagans and Friends of the Craft who waited, and waited for the eventual publication of this tome with baited breath . . . and something on the stove. Seventh, and perhaps most importantly, to Herman Slater of the Magickal Childe (nee Warlock Shop), whose constant encouragement and eternal kvetching was material to the completion of this Work.
And, finally, to the Demon PERDURABO, without whose help the presentation of this Book would have been impossible.
Blessed Be!
Introductory Essay
Prefatory Notes
Chart of Comparisons
Supplementary Material to 777
Notes on Pronunciation
The Spells (Translated)
Common Sumerian Words and Phrases in English
A word Concerning the Original Manuscript
Bibliography & Suggested Reading List
The Testimony of the Mad Arab
Of the Zonei and Their Attributes
The Book of Entrance, and Of the Walking
The Incantations of The Gates
The Conjuration of the Fire God
The Conjuration of the Watcher
The MAKLU Text
The Book of Calling
The Book of Fifty Names
The MAGAN Text
The Testimony of the Mad Arab, the Second Part

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