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13. december 2006 at 20:07 | TheMajestic |  Random
Brouzdám si takhle po internetu a narazila jsem na několik suprovych testiku, tykaji se hlavne toho, jaky by ze me byl Sevvie, nebo ten třetí jaká bych byla Mary Sue ze Zmijozelu. Davam i odkazy na prislusne stranky...

You are...Rebel Snape! Found most commonly in Marauder-era fics, you also crop up occasionally in canon-era stories, usually when you're shocking the hell out of Harry with your utter coolness. With your leather clothing, tight body, laid-back personality, and skill on the Quidditch pitch, it's no wonder that everyone from Lucius Malfoy to Voldemort himself wants to shag you. However, when you flip your ponytail and take off on your antique motorcycle, readers might wonder just what happened to Sirius Black...

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You are Superior!Snape- though largely a fanon invention, this quiz hails you as The True Snape [tm]. Your conversation largely consists of witty putdowns and sardonic banter. You are eloquent, intelligent, smooth as satin and twice as sexy. The fangirls & boys drool after you. You are often alone because, let's face it, most of the world simply can't measure up. The fact that the Gryffindors hate your guts proves they're intellectually subnormal and don't realise that you hate everyone equally. You spend your time mocking the world and attending Sex Pistols concerts. Who said greasy hair can't be a fashion trend?
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